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Let me introduce myself… I’m the CyberVision 2001 TV home computer System…and I’ve been programmed to talk. I can play games, teach math, or help with your tax return.

Montgomery Ward Spring-Summer Catalog, 1978

This website is a passion project, developed to collect and showcase all information pertaining to the ultra-obscure home computer known as CyberVision 2001. Released in 1978 as an exclusive Montgomery Ward product, the CyberVision provided a range of cassette-based software programs and intuitive features that were groundbreaking for the time.

Until the creation of this website, very little was known or publicized about the CyberVision, which had a short-run and was ultimately overshadowed by competing home computer manufacturers. A couple of excellent articles were published in 2014 by the son of ARI co-founder John Powers, and one dedicated gallery page was created on the CosmacElf.com vault, but that was largely the extent of this system’s online presence…until now!

[This is a work-in-progress website which includes consolidating and adding a lot of material derived from my existing CyberVision Repair blog article.]

Last Updated on March 9, 2023.

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