Logic Board Photographs

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The CyberVision 2001 logic board consists of 91 distinct ICs. It is powered by an 1802 CPU, 1K ROM and 4K RAM.

The PCB of CyberVision 2001 is double-layer and well-structured with six general rows of chips. All of the components are mounted to the front (with two exceptions being the 7805 voltage regulators). The ICs are socketed for ease of troubleshooting and replacement. The core CPU, ROM and I/O section is contained in one area, video RAM runs along the 16 RAM banks on the left and data RAM on the right. A large number of general gates and inverters traverse from the midsection up, and at the top are handlers for video output, audio decoding and keypad interfacing.

I have created and carefully aligned two sets of high resolution photos from two light sources and cameras, with and without labels, to assist both in troubleshooting and preservation efforts. Note that in the photos, two 7805s have been replaced by modern DC-DC alternatives. Originally, one ceramic capacitor was also tied to the U91 input leg and line voltage in accordance with 7805 specs (red wire).

The IC labels in the respective image sets (1b and 2b) are aligned to the chip centers in the back. This can make them seem somewhat off-centered in the front views, but ensures no jarring displacement when swapping between the back and front images; and the back region. I recommend downloading the front/back of your favorite variation and viewing in your favorite photo editor to quickly review traces and connections.

Click on any image to view the original high-resolution versions (4032×3024).

A complete ZIP file of all high resolution sets is also available here:

Logic Board Set 1a: Front and Back (No Labels)

Logic Board Set 1b: Front and Back (With IC Labels)

Logic Board Set 2a: Front and Back (No Labels)

Logic Board Set 2b: Front and Back (With IC Labels)

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Last Updated on March 11, 2023.

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