A Dedicated CyberVision Website!

After maintaining an on-going and ever-increasing repair blog on the wonderful and newly discovered world of CyberVision 2001, and given a lot of recent developments within the 1802 community for disassembling and reverse engineering the software side of things, I felt it is appropriate to create a dedicated space on the web for all things CyberVision.

This is currently just a stub of sorts, but with pages that will eventually evolve into the definitive collection of all things CyberVision. I will be sharing clippings from all known publications and references, transcribing interviews with the founders, and providing detailed rundowns of the hardware and software for the benefit of the vintage computing world and preservation of this amazing 1978 home computer.

While this site evolves, feel free to check out my parent blog post that contains an unabridged dissection of CyberVision as I go through many repair efforts of my own.

Last Updated on March 5, 2023.

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