40-Button Keypads

CyberVision shipped with two 40-button plastic keypads, enabling users to input A-Z, 0-9 and several action keys including ON, OFF, CLEAR and ENTER. The controllers are powered by a colorful 13-wire ribbon strip affixed to Burndy SMS24P 24 pin plugs. The controllers commonly had LEFT or RIGHT stickers affixed to their fronts, with matching stickers above the controller inputs on the back of the console, but this was purely for organizational purposes; the controllers themselves are interchangeable and can be inserted into either port on the machine.

The keypads are flat and comprised of a two part snap-in black plastic molding, a white CyberVision 2001 sticker and ivory keypad arranged alphabetically. The underlying pad was produced by Texas Instruments and is the same membrane used by their popular 40-button keypads of the same era. The 13 wires allow signals to be interpreted using a common 8×5 keyboard matrix.


Last Updated on March 26, 2023.

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